Kyrenia Festivals & Events

The arrival of spring and summer is celebrated with many festivals and events in Kyrenia, North Cyprus. We have listed some of important Kyrenia festivals & events below which you can visit during your holiday in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus.

Kyrenia Olive Festival: This festival takes place in the village of Zeytinlik in October to promote the olive and its products, as well as Kyrenia tourism. The festival includes many cultural and artistic activities.

Kyrenia Culture and Art Festival: A lively festival taking place in June. There are theatre shows from Turkey, concerts by well-known musicians from Turkey and United Kingdom and street performances by local artists.

International Bellapais Music Festival: Located in the beautiful village of Bellapais, the historical Bellapais Abbey is home to International Bellapais Music Festival which is one of the most important festivals of Northern Cyprus traditionally organised every year in May and June. Musicians come from around the world to perform in this historical abbey. There are beautiful concerts and recitals receiving considerable attention of local people and foreign tourists coming from around the world.

Lapta Tourism Festival: Organised by Municipality of Lapta, the Lapta Tourism Festival is held on a regular basis every year in June. The festival includes contests, dance performances, concerts, cleaning campaigns, nature walks, children's festival, fun days, sporting events and more.

You will never run out of festivals on North Cyprus holidays.