Kyrenia Culture & Local People

Kyrenia, North Cyprus is a city where you can experience Turkish culture. In Kyrenia, you can experience Turkish culture with the food, lifestyle, music, family gatherings, language and handcrafts of local people.

On Sundays, families flock to picnic areas or gather in their garden to make BBQ, and you can smell the aroma of barbecued meats around the picnic areas or while strolling in the streets of Kyrenia.

Most of the taverns and traditional restaurants will have classic Turkish music playing in the backgrounds which gives you great pleasures while you are enjoying your Turkish food served with mezes (selection of small dishes served in the Mediterranean).

Some important North Cyprus folk dance shows, music festivals and events take place in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus.

In some of the Kyrenia streets and villages you will see shops selling handicraft which add an authentic atmosphere to the city.